Christmas Program

There is nothing like seeing a spark in a child’s eye at Christmas.  There is nothing like seeing the pure joy on the face of a youth who isn’t too old to receive presents.  This is an amazing program!  Huge thank you to everyone who tirelessly work ensuring CCAS families have a nicer Christmas.  This year with Covid, ability to drop off donations, etc will be different, HOWEVER, we are accepting donations of new toys, books, games, winter coats, etc

Here are simple ways you can give:

  1. Purchase toys or other gifts appropriate for children ages 0-12 or gift cards for youth ages 13-21.
  2. Deliver toys or gift cards to the Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation by December 5th, 2020. For further details about delivery of items, click here to email us.

Toys and other gifts must be new and unwrapped. Unfortunately, we cannot accept gently used items. Please refer to the FAQ section Christmas Program on this page.

Tax receipts are not eligible for direct donations of gift cards or in-kind donations, including donations of toys and other gifts. To donate to our gift card program online and be eligible for a tax receipt, please click here to donate and we will use your donation to purchase gift cards.

Every gift card donated will go directly to a child, youth or family that is supported by the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto. Be sure to specify that the donation is going to the Gift Card Program, under the Donation Information section. If you do purchase gift cards directly, we suggest gift cards from Wal-Mart or President’s Choice (as many of our families shop at No Frills).

For details of dropping off gift cards, please email

Please do not mail gift cards.

Adopt-A-Family program matches families the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto serves to individuals, churches and companies in our community to purchase their wish list items for Christmas.

Unfortunately, no. We request that all gifts be new.

Direct donations of gift cards or gifts of toys and other donated in-kind items are not eligible for a tax receipt.  Online donations to our gift card program are eligible for a tax receipt.

Yes, but they are not eligible for a tax receipt.  Gift cards for Walmart, President’s Choice (can be used at No Frills, Valu-Mart and other Loblaw’s owned stores), and Cineplex movie packages (always popular with teens!) are preferred.  If you would prefer to receive a tax receipt, please do an online donation to our gift card program.  We will purchase gift cards and provide them to children, youth and families in need.

This is really up to you.  We provide new toys and other gifts for children 0-12.  We are always in need of Brown and Black dolls and action figures for both boys and girls.  Kids love these when we have them.  We discourage toys guns or other toys which promote violence.

In order for us to ensure the family receives your donation well before Christmas we are requesting that you drop off items no later than December 10, 2020.  Any toys or gift cards received after this date will be distributed to children, youth and families either before or after Christmas.  We will attempt to disburse them before Christmas but where this is not possible, they maybe disbursed throughout the year as part of other foundation programs.

There will be one location to deliver toys.  Please contact in mid-November for further details.

Please do not wrap gifts.  Parents want to know what their children are receiving, so they will unwrap gifts.  It is best to put each child’s gift into a large gift bag or supply the gift wrap for parents to wrap their children’s presents.  Gift wrap and gift bags are always welcome; we never have enough.

Workers assigned to children and families at Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CCAS) select gifts for each of the children or youth they work with.  The worker will then deliver the gifts directly to the family. CCAS staff are committed to ensuring that all gifts are delivered to the family in time for the Christmas holiday.  We ask that gifts be brought to our drop off location no later than {DATE}.  However, workers will begin selecting gifts in mid-November so the earlier we get them, the better.

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality and privacy laws, this is not possible.

Due to the way in which toys are distributed to children and youth, this is not possible.  Families understand the gifts are donated and always are very grateful.

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