Apply for Scholarships

Current and former children being supported by the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto are eligible for college and university level scholarships.

Please note that all scholarship recipients are expected to attend the annual scholarship event. The only exceptions are living out of province, illness, work that cannot be rescheduled or significant family celebrations, i.e. a wedding. We reserve the right to hold your grant if you do not attend the scholarship event.

The date of this year’s event has not yet been announced.

Useful Links

The following are useful links to resources available to youth who want to enhance their academic standing, and who are planning to pursue post-secondary education. Other useful links are provided on employment, heath, social services proved by both non-profit groups and government agencies. Please contact us with your suggestions or comments on how we can improve this resource page to help you better.

The following are services available in the community at no financial cost.

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