We financially support children, youth and families who need help

We are the charitable foundation of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CCAS).

Anyone in the care of the Society is facing serious challenges like poverty, lack of affordable housing and childcare, mental health issues or addiction.

Your donations help children and families with various short-term needs that exceed government funding.

Your support means a single parent doesn’t have to choose between hunger or homelessness or leave a young person without first and last month’s rent.

What do our programs pay for?

Our programs pay for cribs, emergency payments for bills or groceries, eyeglasses, physiotherapy or dental care, Catholic milestones such as baptism or first communion, extracurricular activities, college or university tuition, Christmas presents or a ticket to visit a loved one for the holidays.

When a young Catholic formerly in care died in a tragic accident, the government didn’t pay for their burial.

The foundation did.

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