“My daughter is sick and used up all the diapers I could afford this month.”
“My landlord is forcing me out of my apartment.”
“My tooth is killing me, but I have no money for the dentist.”
“I broke my glasses and can’t see. I can’t afford a new pair.”
“COVID-19 has made it impossible to get to the food bank.”

People like you have been supporting families during difficult times. 

These families were already under intense pressure because the smallest change in their financial situation could have a devastating impact on a parent’s ability to manage and provide care for their children.

Now COVID-19 is making a bad situation much worse.  Families we support face the same challenges you have had during this pandemic. Services have been stopped or cut, food is more expensive, and supplies have been limited.

CCAF staff work with families who need your help. CCAF staff apply to the Emergency Assistance program outlining what the family needs to survive. The sooner we have your support, the more families we can help. COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future and your gift can help so many desperate families.

    female youth holding book over head by a tree

    $128.15 buys a monthly TTC Presto card that a youth can get to school
    $50 buys a month’s supply of diapers for a baby
    $125 buys a week of food for a single mother of two
    $100 buys a crib mattress for a baby

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