You’re providing cribs to keep infants safe through the Lil Angels program

Did you know that unsafe sleeping environments, such as a stroller or a couch, can put newborn babies at risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)? We don’t think new moms in financial hardship should have to choose between paying rent or buying a crib for her baby. Your gift can help prevent a tragedy by providing single parents like Joyce or Ann with a crib and training to help prevent SIDS.

Over the last five years, donors like you have provided numerous families with potentially life-saving cribs for their little ones.

By giving to the Lil Angels program, you’ll support the purchase of a crib, mattress and a sleep sack so babies are safe every time they are put down for a nap or the night. With your support, a CCAS worker and health promotion staff can teach new parents how to keep their baby safe using the best sleeping practices such as “back to sleep” where infants are always laid down on their back, never their tummy.

Your gift will help new parents keep their infants safe.

  • Your $25 donation will pay for a sleep sack.
  • Your $100 donation will pay for a mattress.
  • Your $275 donation will pay for a crib.
  • Your $400 donation will pay for a crib, mattress and sleep sack.

These babies are safe in cribs, thanks to you.

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