Give young people a brighter future by supporting scholarships

Since 2020, youth have received scholarships to cover tuition for college, university or a trade program. Most importantly, these bursaries give young people the chance to continue their post-secondary education so they can create a better life.

We are grateful to our generous supporters, without whom it would not be possible for us to support youth as they pursue higher education or skills training.

If you’d like young people in care to have a chance to succeed against enormous odds, please support our scholarship programs with a donation.

If you’d like to set up a scholarship or endowment, please contact us at

To be eligible for a scholarship, youth require a recommendation from their Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CCAS) caseworker and acceptance to a college, university or job training program.

Thank you to our scholarship supporters

The Matthew O’Brien Educational Fund was a wonderful way for the O’Brien family to work through their grief after the passing of their brother and son. Matthew’s mother, Mary Catherine, is a retired employee of the CCAS. Matthew’s sister Erin is a past board chair and current board present for the Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation.
Marcia Balbino is currently an employee with the Catholic Children’s Aid Society. Marcia and her husband Guy are passionate about supporting our youth in pursuing a post-secondary education and accomplishing their dreams.
Nelson Mandela Scholarship Fund was established in May of 1994, by a donation to the Society in celebration of the end of apartheid in South Africa. The donor wanted the money to be awarded to a youth of African heritage who was in the care of the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto (CCAS) and who would use the financial assistance to pursue post-secondary education.
Nyron Sookraj’s family created a scholarship for a young male in an apprenticeship program. Nyran was a former employee of CCAS. His family created this opportunity in his memory and to help continue the work he was so proud of.
Dr. Mary Grogan Endowment provides two youth with a scholarship to pursue studies to become a teacher or provide counselling to children and youth.
Ellen Anne Leon Scholarship was established in 1993. Her children continue her legacy of providing scholarships.
Catholic Women’s League of Canada contribute annually to provide a scholarship to one of our youth.
Hugh Sidall Scholarship Founder
The Dr. Hugh Siddall Scholarship Endowment was created by Dr. Siddall, who has been a long-time Medical Examiner for CCAS Toronto. He has worked with many of the scholarship recipients, and is delighted to support CCAS youth through their post secondary education goals, while creating a living memorial, in gratitude to his parents Ruth and Ronald Siddall. Dr. Siddall welcomes and greatly appreciates donations from friends and all who wish to support this worthwhile endeavour.
John Bright Scholarship Founder

John Bright (1922-2013)

John Bright was born in London, England on February 6, 1922. At a very young age John was orphaned. This early life experience resulted in an impoverished childhood and laid the responsibilities of his upbringing almost solely on his own shoulders. As John was growing up he was able to adapt many of the early life lessons as a child and develop important qualities that would prove to benefit him throughout the rest of his life. John had great strength of character, determination and a drive to succeed. He was truly a self-made man.

During the Second World War John joined the British Royal Air Force. His military training was held in Canada, the country he would later choose to call home. His time served in the British Royal Air Force saw him serve in the Middle East and in’India and provided John with stories that he loved to share with friends.

After serving out his military duties he returned to London and begun a career in insurance. After living in London he decided in 1951 that he would pack up and move to Canada. When he arrived in Montreal he had only just a few English Pounds to his name. He continued his insurance career in Newfoundland and Montreal but decided to take up supplementary employment selling suits at Morgan’s Department Store, currently The Bay. John eventually moved to Toronto to further his career. Once in Toronto he began to invest his savings he had earned from his two jobs into the real estate and stock markets. He discovered that he had a true passion for investing and this developed into somewhat of a hobby for him.

John loved to travel something he had begun during his military service; this was another demonstration of how he was able to take positives from his experiences. During his lifetime he saw much of the world. He was very well read and could recite Robert Service’s poems upon request. He was also a great sportsman playing both tennis and badminton.

John had a great many friends and was happiest when he could talk about his theory on finances, investing and share his expertise with his friends. His advice often brought good results for his friends.

John incorporated the John Bright Foundation as he wanted to help children who were experiencing a similar childhood to his. He believed that education was the key, along with motivation and some hard work. He believed that if given the opportunity and support, children would succeed and he wanted to provide them that opportunity.

John passed away in his 92nd year, successful and well loved. His was a life well lived.

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