Scholarship FAQ

Youth who are current or former youth and children in extended society care of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto. Youth under the age of 25 are given priority for funding. 

The Application Process will begin some time in June 2021 and we will post a link to the form here.

New Applicants:

  • Proof of Enrollment (acceptance letter from institution)
  • Timetable (can be unofficial)
  • Payment Summary- cost of program/any payments made towards the current year of study
  • Scholarship Referral form (to be completed by a CCAS worker or outside worker resource)
  • Banking form for Direct Deposit

Returning Applicants:

  • Timetable (can be unofficial)
  • Payment Summary- cost of program/any payments made towards the current year of study
  • Updated Transcript (can be unofficial)
  • Banking form for Direct Deposit or e-mail confirmation that banking details are unchanged

If you are a returning youth but have changed programs you are considered a new applicant and will need to provide proof of enrollment.

The deadline to apply for a CCAF Scholarship is June 30, 2021. Applications received after June 30, will be put on a waitlist, as funding will not be guaranteed.

Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation will pro-rate funding depending on whether you are enrolled in part-time or full-time studies. For example, if you are enrolled in 50% of a full course load, you will receive 50% of the scholarship grant. The Hope for Children Fund considers 4+ courses a full course load.

You are able to apply for funding for a maximum of 5 years, including post-graduate. This would also allow you to consider post-graduate degrees as long as the 5 years rule is adhered to (for example, a 2-year diploma plus a 3-year post-graduate degree would be funded).

Yes, if you are attending the University of Toronto please make sure to let us know, you could be eligible for a full scholarship. You can also visit the useful links page, to see other funding opportunities that may apply to you.

CCAF issues two installments. One installment is given out in October. The second installment will be issued upon the receipt of your interim update in late January.

Yes.  All Scholarship recipients are expected to attend the Annual Scholarship Event.  The only exceptions are living out of province, illness, work that cannot be rescheduled or significant family celebrations, i.e. a wedding.  We reserve the right to hold your grant if you do not attend the Scholarship Event.  This year’s event is on August 20, 2019, from 5-8pm in Toronto.

Yes, the Graduation Grant is available to all of you that have completed their post-secondary degree/diploma. This is a one-time grant of $1000, youth are asked to email the Foundation a copy of their diploma/degree. 

Eligibility: Minimum of a two-year diploma/degree and you must have received support from CCAF for all your years of schooling.

Yes, you are still eligible. It is advised that you research community colleges for similar programs as private colleges often have higher tuition costs and low employment opportunities.

Youth are encouraged to call Sherri Martin at the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities at (416) 326-9149.

You can contact our offices here or email us directly at or by telephone at 416-395-1658. The Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation is committed to supporting you in any way we can.

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