Families get assistance with emergency payments thanks to you

“My daughter is sick and used up all the diapers I could afford this month.”
“My landlord is forcing me out of my apartment.”
“My tooth is killing me, but I have no money for the dentist.”
“I broke my glasses and can’t see. I can’t afford a new pair.”

Your donations support kids and youth when they need it most.

Many families in children’s aid live in precarious situations: the smallest pressure on their budget can have a devastating impact on a parent’s ability to manage and provide care for their children. The pandemic and rising costs have only made life more challenging.

CCAS staff work with families so they don’t have to suffer without essential health care or have to choose between feeding their kids or paying the rent. CCAF staff apply to the Emergency Assistance program outlining what the family needs to survive. The more we have your support, the more families we can help.

female youth holding book over head by a tree

$128.15 buys a Presto card so a teen can get to school.
$50 buys a month’s supply of diapers for a baby.
$125 buys a week of food for a single mother of two.

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