Post Secondary Scholarships

Meet Chelsea

Our keynote speaker from the scholarship event this year, former youth in extended society care and graduation grant recipient

“Receiving the scholarship has given me a push to know that I am in school for a reason and it has pushed me in a positive way to keep going; knowing that I am going to be rewarded one day.”
– Chelsea G.Ndaké

Are you a former or current youth in extended society care dreaming of pursuing an education?

We can help!

Our scholarship program offers former and current youth in-care the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to help cover the costs of tuition and books.

The scholarship criteria for students are acceptance in a college, university, or job training program, and a recommendation from the youth’s CCAS caseworker. Scholarships are distributed once a year at our annual scholarship evening. If you would like to set up a named or endowment scholarship award, please contact

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