Annual Report

Annual General Meeting 2021

On 22nd June 2021, the Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation held their 1st Annual General Meeting. At the AGM, Mark Kartusch, Executive Director (CCAS) and Connie Reid, Executive Director (CCAF) honoured Erin O’Brien for her volunteer achievements to the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, Hope for Children Fund and the Catholic Children Aid Foundation. Volunteers like Erin are so crucial to the integrity of the CCAS and the CCAF. Erin has truly been a champion for the families and youth that CCAS serves. Erin continues to do great work and her support and commitment are invaluable to both organizations. Her passion keeps her involved, and the outcomes she has witnessed of those supported from the contributions of both organizations drive her to continue her efforts for Catholic children and families to thrive – physically, spiritually and intellectually. Congratulations Erin for receiving our first Volunteer Award! 

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